To say my life has been a journey would be an understatement. I started acting when I was young and worked professionally all the way up through college at Arizona State. Occasionally, I'll take a small role in film here and there, but my passions have changed. I currently reside in Washington, D.C. where I am a masters student at the George Washington University. When I am not working or studying, I report the news for The Foggy Times (link above) and work on small music projects. When I was younger, acting was my passion. Now, a little older and hopefully a little wiser, my passion is for journalism and service. 

I love history books, space exploration, going on walks and playing with my darling nieces and nephew. I want to join the Explorers Club one day and maybe own a small farm in Virginia. I'm a book monster, I read a book every two weeks. I love watching documentaries and reading blogs about global politics and strategic defense. I love music, especially old songs from the 40's. I see the best in everyone and practice my belief that everyone deserves kindness and respect. I consider myself a patriot and I am excited to serve the nation that I love.