Welcome to my world 


I could copy and paste my Wikipedia bio, but that would be so boring wouldn't it? I always feel like peoples about pages are so static, so "official". I'll try and make mine a bit more honest. I have been acting since I was young. I have been blessed to continually work on great projects. But that's nothing my IMDB couldn't tell you. I'm an actor, but I'm also an uncle, a brother, a graduate student, and a small business owner. Charity is a huge part of my life. I honestly think a life without works of charity is a life that's missing the point! I love history books, space exploration, going on walks late at night, and playing with my darling nieces Lily and Ella. I want to join the Explorers Club one day, and maybe own a small cottage in Southern Ireland. I'm a book monster, I read a book every two weeks. I love watching documentaries, and reading blogs about global politics and strategic defense. I love music, especially anything from my teenage angst years (Fall out Boy, Panic At The Disco! , and My Chemical Romance to name a few). I see the best in everyone, and practice my belief that everyone deserves kindness and respect. I am still learning the kind of man I want to be. I know the things I want in life, and everyday I am working to bring them closer. 

To put it simply, I am just another human being on this planet, doing my best to love, learn, and explore.